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Arjun is a Professor in the Department of Medicine and Department of Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology. He is a member of the Cardiovascular Research Laboratories and the Broad Stem Cell Institute at UCLA.  In addition he is affiliated with the Molecular Biology Institute and the Jonsson Cancer Comprehensive Cancer Center (Cancer and Stem cell Biology Program) and holds graduate program affiliations with the MCIP (Molecular Cellular and Integrative Physiology), CDB (Cell and Developmental Biology) and (MP) Molecular Pharmacology Graduate program home areas. Arjun got interested in stem cell biology and cardiovascular biology when as a trainee, he isolated endothelial progenitors from his own blood and successfully grew out blood vessels in a laboratory dish. Arjun completed his research and clinical training at the Mayo Clinic and Duke University and was faculty at the University of North Carolina before relocating to UCLA. He has won numerous awards including the Katz Award for basic science research from the American Heart Association, Ellison Medical Foundation Scholar in Aging Award, Keating Award from the American College of Cardiology in hypertension and peripheral vascular disease and the Pathway to Independence Award from the NIH. He received the Oppenheimer Award for innovative research at UCLA and is currently the James Eason Cardiovascular Scholar at UCLA. The work in his lab has been supported by multiple agencies including the NIH, Department of Defense, Ellison Medical Foundation, American Heart Association and the James Eason Cardiovascular Foundation.
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